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Presentation to the BNL PAC of the Deuteron EDM proposal on 9 September, 2004. RealPlayer is required (go to BNL site for instructions).

April 2004. Here I am visiting Professor Dima Budker (standing on my right) and his group at UC at Berkeley, just before giving a Physics Dept. Colloquium: "EDMs in Storage Rings: Powerful Probes of Physics Beyond the SM and of CP-Violation."


January 2004. In my office celebrating with my colleagues the announcement of the data analysis results taken in 2001 with negative muons:


9 January 2005. With my daughter Olga and son Kyriakos at a ski resort (my youngest son Harris preferred to stay home with mom!):



A poem on Peace by Olga Semertzidis, 6th grade, Class of Ms. Loeffler. Olga received the first prize which included a flag!

5/20/04                                         Flag Day


A Song of Peace


Peace is like a song,

Ringing out all around the world,

Making everyone so loving.

Sing that song of peace…

Think of it as a soft cloth,

With smooth threads,

Weaving in and out,

In the colors of harmony and melody.

Peace can be strong,

Or it can be soft,

Either way it’s ours when we want it,

No matter where we are.

When you sing your song of peace,

No one is fighting,

Or killing,

When you are singing…

Your song of peace.


Current activities of Yannis Semertzidis include:

The storage ring EDM experiments

The muon g-2 experiment at BNL

The MECO (Muon to Electron COnversion) experiment at BNL

The Ultra-fast electro-optical detector development at BNL

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